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My name is Pamela Jackson. I was born in Florida. But, due to my mom being in the Army I moved around a lot. I am very well-traveled and I believe that experience has made me a very well-rounded, easy-going, and a resilient person.  Aside to me being an “Army Brat” I am also an 8-year Army veteran, a mother of 3 and grandmother to 5 wonderful grand babies.

I have been in the healthcare field for the past 13 years. I love what I do. Taking care of patients and ensuring they are in the best of health is my mission. It has been my forever journey to make sure my children are very well taken care of, and to leave a Legacy. That is the reason why I started the journey into entrepreneurship which has seen me stay on that journey with multiple opportunities for the past 8 years while working full time.

None of them ever panned out, so I gave up. I gave up because I never had faith in myself nor the support from people I considered my mentors, and I didn’t trust GOD enough.  However, I have grown to know better, to never rely on people so much but to trust myself to do more, be more and achieve more. It’s time to give back and channel my expertise as a health practitioner into helping people who desire good health and financial freedom through my company.


  • My mission is to become financially, physically and spiritually free and to break the cycle of African Americans thinking that they can not have the American dream and that they too can have joy and to be able to enjoy the life they have always dreamed of while being healthy and financially free.
  • Just knowing that I am putting in long hours and making life sacrifices into my own business makes me work even harder and want it even more.

So, if you are ready to go on this great journey with me, follow me on my instagram and Facebook pages for more information and let’s rock this boat



Giving Back


Working together as a team and building an empire that will last a long time.

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